Blue Eel Manhattan

Compact eco-exotic® wallet for every day use

Finally, the perfect wallet is born. Made using stunning eco-exotic® leather, with 10 card slots, a separate partition for notes and a zipped section for coins, which contains a convenient extra 6 card slots for receipts. This square purse is the ideal size to fit any handbag. 

This item was shortlisted at the Fashion Accessory of the Year Awards 2015 in the Small Leather Goods category.

fish leather bag



Outer: 100% eel skin leather and milled cow leather  

Inner: cow leather, cotton twill 

16 cards slots, 1 zipped compartment and 1 open compartment for notes

Height: 10.5cm 

Width: 10.5cm 

Depth: 3cm

eel skin Manhattan wallets

Colours available: Pink, Green, Blue, Orange

Here are several simple steps to ensure your purchase remains in great condition for the coming years:  


- Keep away from excessive heat and humidity;  

- Keep away from hard or sharp objects;  

- Keep in your cotton Heidi & Adèle cloth-bag or gift box when not using in order to prevent dust marks and scratches;  

- Leather bags should be stored empty in their Heidi & Adèle cotton dust bags, and stuffed with tissue paper in order to maintain their shape;  

- Do not store your handbag in a closed plastic bag. Remember that leather needs to breathe and that is why it is soft and supple;  

- To remove stains or first marks, gently rub with a damp cloth. Do not use a brush or sharp object;  

- Allow wet or damp leather to air-dry naturally. Do not use any source of heat as this may discolour the leather or alter its shape;  

- Do not apply any household furniture polish, alcohol, or other solvents to your leather bag;  

- Do not fold or apply pressure as this may leave marks on the leather;  

- Our eco-exotic® leather has been lightly varnished to avoid staining and prolong longevity. It does not require any special care  


Heidi & Adèle products are designed to last. We only use the highest quality materials and impeccable craftsmanship. By following these simple steps, your item should preserve its original beauty for years to come.  


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Our promise to you;   

We are?firm believers in sustainability and the role we all have in creating a permanent change away from the exploitation of people and animals alike. We have taken great care to personally source and vet the suppliers and manufacturers whom we work with and we take pride in creating products that we feel show off the natural?magnificence of the?leather we work with. The brand carries our names as a guarantee that we work to the highest quality and?integrity in providing you with luxury products made only?from by-products of the food industry. It is our most sincere hope that you will not just love our designs but also?learn to regard these skins?in the same light as other more famous exotic leathers available on the market?as they easily equal them both in quality and beauty.   

Heidi and Adèle xx 

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